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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology...

Assistive technology is a gateway to personal and professional independence for those who are visually impaired, blind, or deaf-blind. Assistive devices paired with instruction and training from our staff allow clients to chart a path to independence.


These items are used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities for independent daily living. Low tech items are considered independent living aids, and include finger guards, writing aids, handheld magnifiers, and solar shields. A low-tech item we feature is solar shields, which are specifically designed to help our clients with glare and provide protection. They are available in different sizes and absorptive filters. They come in gray, plum, yellow, amber, and orange filters.

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These devices are digital, which may require batteries, or other power sources. Our Electronic Video Magnifier (EVM) is a handheld portable video/digital magnifier with an HD LCD screen that can be adjusted to fit the needs of the client’s magnification power range. They come in a variety of sizes and capabilities. One of the mid-tech products we feature is the Humanware Explorer 5, an EVM that provides multiple options for magnification and customization. It is a great tool to help read menus, newspapers, product labels, and much more!

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These devices are computer-based with sophisticated features and can be tailored to the needs of each client. These products take training and practice and require manual updates and software. One of the high-tech products we feature is the OrCam MyEye 3.0 Ai, a device worn on the frame of glasses that is activated by voice command, hand gestures, or the touch bar on the device. It reads, translates languages, recognizes faces, reads bar codes, identifies money, colors, and has the Ai “just ask” feature that allows you to receive immediate assistance to any questions you may ask of it.

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We carry a wide range of CCTV’s, which are tablets that integrate with a monitor or combined options of a computer, video magnifier or a distance camera. One of the CCTV’s we carry is LVI’s Magnilink iTAB, an all–in-one, user-friendly mobile tablet that pairs with either an iPad or Surface Pro Tablet. It is portable, discrete, and is high performance for school, research, or work. It comes with a distance camera and integrates with most LVI products.

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Safety Products...

Safety is our priority, and we supply many products that allow our clients to be as safe and independent as possible. We feature mobility support canes and smart canes. Smart canes work with mobility canes, which can be ordered in custom colors with a range of different tips. We carry Ambutech canes and tips, WeWalk and other devices that are used in conjunction with the mobility cane.

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