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Laser Design and Die Division

Laser Design and Die Division

If you’ve set foot on a military ship, tank, jeep, airplane or helicopter, you’ve likely walked on flooring converter manufactured at Louisiana Association forthe Blind’s Laser Design and Die division. Our company plant designs and creates peel-and-stick nonskid flooring for use by the Department of Defense and other government entities across the nation.

Safety walk flooring for your stairs, walkways and shop areas, as well as sandpaper, is available for purchase by the public as well.

We also offer an array of laser services, such as custom acrylic and wood cutting and etching, rastering services for 3D imaging and glass etching.

As part of this division, L.A.B. offers CAD design, solutions and services. CAD, computer-aided design, is a tool used in product development, architecture, graphic design, engineering and more.

While CAD services are currently used primarily to fulfill Department of Defense contracts for design of non-skid flooring for ships, we are expanding our capabilities for broader commercial use in the near future.

Reach out for more information on how L.A.B.’s laser design and die services can help you bring your project to life:

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