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Children's Program

Children's Program

Children with visual impairment can learn what their sighted peers can, but may need to learn in an alternate way because they experience the world differently.

For instance, from birth to 3 years old, 80 percent of learning comes by imitation.  Without specialized teaching methods, these children can fall behind long before they head off to school.

L.A.B. has been meeting this need through its Children’s Program since 2005, offering services for infants through 3 year-olds, plus children and adolescents.

A growing segment of assistance for students is available through smart phones and tablets, offering such aids as notetaking, verbal dictation with punctuation, talking scientific calculators and audible textbooks.

With services and training by our team, children in Northwest Louisiana with visual impairments are prepared for a rewarding future.

To prepare your child, reach out to us at 318-698-2300 or

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